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Monday, 11 January 2010 23:29
There are no translations available.

We are very pleased to announce our new website to the world!


This has been long overdue as the old website was no longer adequate to meet today's standards with Web 2.0. The old website will still be available as it still contains all the information our users have come to read and understand. In time we will be copying everything to this new site. We ask our users to please be patient, as this is a slow and time consuming process.

With this new website we have introduced some new features as well, and some more will be coming in the near future. One of our main concerns is to make all the information available on this site in multiple languages and for this we are calling for volunteers. If you wish to help us in translating articles please contact us via our contact page. The more people with some knowledge in more than one language help us than the more others can benefit from the articles available here. We wish to reach out to the world and try to help as many people all over the planet as we can. We must admit that this is an ambitious task, but with your help we might just be able to do this. Our goal is to become a worldwide community for support and answers for those in need and we are as strong as our community!

For all those who help and follow us, our greatest thanks, and to those who wish to contribute, please do so!

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